We are launching a brand-new programme called:

YES YOU HAVE RIGHTS (Sponsored by the Department of Justice & Constitutional Development and the Foundation for Human Rights)

Together with the experts and our listeners we will all learn to understand our glorious Constitution and its Bill of Rights by tuning in to Radio Kaap se Punt – 102.7 fm and 99.0 fm every Wednesday at 12.00, starting on Women’s Day 09 August. Repeated at 17.00.

Feel free to send in your questions and comments on our Constitution and BoR:

Facebook: Radio Kaap se Punt 102.7FM

Twitter: @rkp1027fm

Email: info@rkpfm.co.za

SMS: 94354

WhatsApp: 079 811 5634

Or feel free to comment below.

Yes you have rights!

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