As winter is upon us, we run towards that pocket-killing heater to keep us warm. Here are some tips to heating up, whilst not beating up your wallet:

1. Dress warm, yet leave the thick Eskimo gown

We might think that the thicker the fabric, the warmer we will be. It all has to do with convective heating. Wearing thin layers of clothing though, traps more body heat, thus it is more effective. Also, cover up. Skin exposed to cool air makes us feel colder.

2. On that note, wear a warm winter hat

As mentioned before, the more skin exposed to the cold, the colder you would feel.

3. Move the heater away from the sofa

Why would you want to heat it anyway? It is stealing the precious heat, which could have been circulating through the house by now.

4. Which brings me to my next point. Open all the doors. Not saying the front or back one though!

We heat only one room, blocking the heat circulation to the rest of the house. This in turn causes the heater to go on yet again. whilst on the topic, keep the bathroom door open after that hot bath or shower. The more heat, the better… Not?

5. Block, block, block

If you are going to keep the doors closed though, after snuggling up in bed watching your favourite series, at least block it. Use an old blanket on the floor behind the door to block any drafts.

6. Fan up

What? Should I turn on the ceiling fan in this weather? Actually, yes! We all know that warm air rises. So turn the ceiling fan on to its lowest setting, let it run in a clockwise direction, and voila! We are pushing the warm air back down!

7. Go out into the world

By keeping active and moving around, our body heats up. Time to go and visit that friend you have not seen in ages. Who knows, perhaps they even have soup?

7 ways to stay warm this winter, and save money
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