Errol Naidoo, and a group of other special panelists will be joining us this afternoon at 12. Here is some background info on him:

Errol Naidoo is the Founder and CEO of Family Policy Institute (FPI) – a non-profit, pro-family, public policy research and educational organisation based  in  Cape Town, South Africa. While serving as associate Pastor and Director of Public Affairs at His People Christian Church, God called Errol to establish a ministry to inform, educate and equip the greater Body of Christ to fulfil its God-given mandate to be salt & light to society. Since its launch in 2008, FPI has been at the forefront of the battle to defend the family and advance Biblical Christian values in Parliament, the media and general society. 

Errol is the producer and host of “Watchmen on the Wall,” a current affairs TV program from a Biblical perspective – broadcast weekly in primetime on Faith broadcasting Network and “Salt & Light”, a current affairs TV program broadcast weekly on TBN in Africa. Errol also produces a syndicated radio program, “Watchmen on the Wall Radio Half-Hour” broadcast every week on several Christian radio channels across the country.

Errol Naidoo is a regular contributor and uncompromising voice for family values in the national media in South Africa. He is an author, columnist, public speaker and pro-family advocate committed to advancing a family centered philosophy of life. Errol regularly makes submissions to the South African Parliament on issues critical for the protection of marriage, family and religious freedoms.

Errol & Arlene celebrated 31 years of marriage on 12 December 2016 and have three children Jill (married to Michael), Jay (married to Aniska) & Jared and two grandchildren Alexandra & Connor.  

Be sure to tune in to 102.7 & 99.0 fm tomorrow at 12, when a panel of experts discuss your rights with regards to Equality; Safety & Security; Privacy; Life and Freedom of Religion.

Errol Naidoo from the Family Policy Institute
Ms Tara Lee Essack – Student of the constitution.
Mr Denver Plaatjes – Community leader
Attorney Christine Botha – Centre For Constitutional Rights
Silvia Thomas – Retired teacher & RKPfm programme manager

Repeated @ 17:00

Feel free to send us your questions/comments and share your points of view on the most important document in our country: the Bill of Rights!

Errol Naidoo – Family Policy Institute

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