As the City of Cape Town went a level higher this month, implementing Level 4b water restrictions, saving water is no longer a recommendation. It should now be considered mandatory! Here are some tips to save water during this time:


Check and repair all leaking water outlets.
When busy in the bathroom, be it brushing your teeth or shaving, turn the top off when you’re not using it.
Shorten your showers. If you don’t have a shower, use a bucket with hot water instead of using the bath.
Only flush the toilet when necessary. You could also use buckets whilst showering to capture excess water, and use this to flush the toilet.
If you can afford it, install water-saving showerheads, multi-flushing toilets and other water saving appliances.
Let the washing pile up and do one load, instead of multiple loads.


Fill your pots and kettles with just enough water as per your needs at that moment in time. This also helps to reduce your electricity usage.
Defrost frozen items in the fridge or on the sink.
Don’t fill the entire kitchen sink if you are only going to do an evening’s dishes. On that note, also try and wash the day’s dishes once per day.
Whilst waiting for the hot water to heat up, hold a container under the tap. This water can be used for something else.


Use a bucket and not the hosepipe for things such as washing your car, or watering your plants.
On rainy days, place empty 25 liter buckets, such as paint buckets outside. This water can in turn be used to water your plants or flush your toilet.
Cover your pool to avoid evaporation.

Water Restrictions: Tips to save
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